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3 Steps to scale

As a business owner you know that a steady stream of new customers is one of the most important goals you can focus on.

In the past this was done with radio, television, Yellow Pages ads, and similar techniques that would reach these new customers.  Of course today those methods have become less effective, but they have not become less expensive.  

Clearly your ideal customer is online in some form.  And if they don't already know about you, your job is to find out how to get those people to know you exist, love what they see, and contact you.

1.  Define your Ideal Client Profile (ICP)

Think about what your ideal customer looks like.  Where do they live?  How old are they?  Married or Single?  What sorts of interests do they have?  Dig deep on this and write it down.  Because once you have this in front of you - you have a starting point of who to market to.  

The answer isn't going to be everyone.  Well it might be, but when it's time to market if you're trying to connect with everyone, you won't connect with anyone.  So spend time on this and document it.  Being laser focused is critical.

2.  Verify (or create) your Google My Business Profile

This is a step that many businesses overlook and that's a mistake.  If you want to be found online - Google is a logical place to start, and Google likes it when you work with their tools.  Visit Google My Business (Soon to be Google Business Profile) and either create your profile, or take ownership of it if one exists that you didn't create on your own.

Now here is the important part.  Create that profile while you're looking at that Ideal Client Profile you created in step 1.  Absolutely everything you write, everything you post, every picture you upload - should be tailored towards that ideal customer.  If that ultimate potential customer saw what you just wrote, would they care?  Would they be interested to keep reading?  Would they consider you to be the obvious choice?  If the answer is no, keep working on it until it's a yes.

This isn't easy, in fact in can be hard.  But like hitting the gym - the long term results of these efforts are well worth it.

Don't rule out the search engine Microsoft Bing either.  You might not think that people use it often - but every single Microsoft Windows computer that is sold comes with Microsoft Edge as the default browser.  And the default search engine is Microsoft Bing.  275 million Windows computers were sold last year.  A significant number of those buyers don't know how to change default search engines, or how to install Chrome or Firefox, and they don't care to.    Go here and do the same as what you did for GMB.  Don't ignore this huge segment.

3.  Be Where Your Ideal Clients Are

After you spent so much time clarifying your ideal client, you should have an idea of where they spend their time online.  LinkedIn?  Facebook?  Instagram?  TikTok?  Those are the places you want to be spending your marketing efforts on.

People will tell you to engage your clients on the platform of choice with regular posts and general content to build up trust and authority and often that's good advice.  However for some industries that's a tough sell.  For example you'll be hard pressed to engage with a community on Facebook if you are a roofer, or if you sell windows.  Important as those industries are, its tough to get people interested in your areas of expertise unless they need you right now.   It's also a considerable amount of time that needs to be spent in order to do this on a regular basis and the results (if any) won't be known for months or possibly years.

In situations where its challenging to get involved in an online community or where you just don't have the available time - you can throw gas on the fire by running a paid ad campaign.  You create an ad that is targeted to this ideal client, speaks directly to them, and offers them an irresistible offer.  And finally make it easy for them to engage by either calling, booking an appointment, or making an online purchase.

With these platforms (and Google) you can focus the ads to be only served to people you want to see it.  And when that ideal client sees this glorious ad with the sexy offer you've got some real potential.

The key is to not get overwhelmed by the myriad of options.  Easier said that done isn't it?  For now focus on one platform and do it well, then if it makes sense tackle another one.  

If you have questions about how this applies to your business, book a free 30 minute discovery call.  It's not a sales pitch.  It's an opportunity for me to learn more about you, your situation, and goals.  I will offer concrete and actionable steps that you can take on your journey.

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