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Microsoft Bing and Your Business

Microsoft Bing is a widely used search engine that often falls under the shadow of its more popular competitor, Google. However, this has led to several misconceptions about Bing's capabilities and functionality. In this blog post, we will the biggest misconception surrounding Microsoft Bing and provide insights into how they can be corrected.

Misconception: No ones uses Bing!

This one just flat-out wrong. Every new Windows computer that gets made has the default Microsoft Edge web browser on it. Further to that, Edge’s default search tool is Bing. That means that in 2022 286 million computers went to their new homes with Bing at the ready.

Not all computer users are comfortable in downloading new browsers, or care to change the default search provider and they use what they have. Which is partially why Bing gets used 1.1 Billion times a month (that’s a B). To ignore Bing in your SEO strategy just doesn’t make sense.

Even if you don’t care for Bing, lots of people are using it. So visit and do some searches pertaining to your business. Do you show up? Do you like what you see? Start by verifying/updating your business profile, and keeping it up to date and optimized on


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