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Quality Vs Quantity

Good marketing is all about targeting your clients right where they are and with messages that they're ready to hear. Social media provides the perfect opportunity to accomplish exactly these things, and at an affordable cost.

In fact, when leveraged correctly, social media can help you affordably garner exponential attention for your business in virtually no time. What you may find surprising is that if you lack social media exposure, you aren't simply missing out on important sales opportunities.

You could be leaving your company behind your competition who is working hard to figure it out. Here are several reasons why quality social media content is so important for your business.

Value-Rich Content Is Excellent, Proactive Reputation Management

Few company owners truly understand the difference between reactive reputation management and proactive reputation management until they absolutely need to. Whereas reactive reputation management is merely responding to backlash for something that you've publicly said or done, or for unwarranted attacks against your brand image, proactive reputation management is everything that you do to build trust in advance of problems. Quality social media content fosters trust by giving consumers something of value for nothing. We call this simply: Reputation Marketing and it really hits its stride on social media.

On social media, you can leverage your industry knowledge to help people avoid problems and make informed buying decisions. Not only will this make your business more trustworthy, but it can additionally position you as an industry authority. Thus social media is effective for authority-based marketing as well.

Your Competitors Are on Social Media

When interacting with businesses on social media, consumers are typically looking for answers. If you aren't providing the information that they're looking for, rest assured that someone else will. As your competitors use these platforms to foster trust and establish themselves as industry authorities, your own business and brand will be quietly fading into the background.

Social Media Content Can Guide Shoppers Through the Purchasing Process

Asking questions is something that people do as they start nearing the end of the purchasing process. More often than not, consumers already know which services or products they want before interacting with companies on social media. They often simply need help determining the right direction, properly allocating their budgets, and making sure that they're set to get great value.

You can use quality content to provide answers to these questions as they arise, or you can let other, more ambitious, and better-organized companies step in and claim your sales!

Online Interactions Can Help You Define Targeted Buyer Personas

Wow, that’s a mouth full! Your social media marketing campaigns can inform all of your other marketing efforts. These platforms give companies the opportunity to have candid, in-depth conversations with the people who matter most: their clients and prospective clients.

If you aren't regularly leveraging social media to communicate with your market, you aren't aware of the latest and most pressing pain points, or the most current buying habits that are relevant to your niche.

Quality content can create conversations and help you get a more targeted focus on your market!

Marketing companies of all sizes face incredibly stiff competition. Leveraging social media is a great way to make your business stand out from the crowd.

We can help you predict the needs and questions of your targeted market, source quality, highly-engaging content, and establish the right posting schedule. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help!

Come learn w we can help you establish a solid social media presence that is both high quality and consistently branded so you can turn your social media into a business asset you can count on!

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