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Search engine optimization In Barrie- SEO

Seo in Barrie and Beyond

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Clearly you want customers to find you on Google, but if you've done any research on the topic of Search Engine Optimization it's easy to view the SEO industry with suspicion.  While many providers can certainly deliver incredible value by getting your website in front of customers searching with high intent, they tend to operate with secrecy.

The pitch is typically "Pay X$/month and you'll see results in 4-6 months".   The challenge is you don't necessarily know how they're getting these results.  


How they're doing it is almost as important as the results.


In the world of SEO there are ways to achieve success that are long lasting and provide high returns with new customers, and there are "seedy" ways to execute SEO that might deliver results quickly, but tend to get quashed as the mighty algorithms  of Google and Bing wise up to the tricks being played.   

Have a steady stream of customers searching for exactly what you offer

why IS seo SO important?

of online experiences start with a search engine

of B2B marketers stated that SEO & organic traffic generate more leads than any other marketing

of people never scroll past the first page of search engine results



Give some thought on this.  If you have technical terms for your products, these aren't usually the terms your customer is searching for.  They're often looking for the end result.  So if you install high-end stairs your end-customer probably isn't searching for Riser, Bullnose, or Volute (if you're marketing yourself to installers they may be). They're probably looking for Glass Railings in Barrie, or Stair Replacement near me.

When you engage with Heavy Ads Agency we determine what these words are, and who it is you're wanting to find you, and we get to work.

Most clients tend to find that once SEO is honed in their reliance on paid ad campaigns can be reduced.


​While SEO work is taking place, getting Listed across all major internet directories is vital.  There several directories and listing services that are used frequently in different ways.  There are obvious ones like Apple Maps, Google My Business, and LinkedIn, but there are dozens more that by being listed on provides two significant benefits.

  • ​Car navigations systems use their own mapping software in their vehicles.  GM, VW, Ford, Mercedes Benz all manage their own directories of addresses.  By listing your business on all of these then people that use their in-car navigation systems will find you easily.​

  • Increase the number of references to your website (backlinks).  This improves your authority on every search engine.  By being listed in more places, Google believes that your business is legit.

Online Listings - Learn to keep your online directories consistent and plentiful



Submitting your site to all of these directories on your own will take weeks.  From making individual accounts, submitting the information, then returning regularly to ensure accuracy.  There is also the concern that someone can try to change your business information at a later date on one of these directories which hijacks customers trying to find you (It's easier than you think.)

Make it easy for your clients to find you AND make it easy for

search engines too.  We will get you listed on up to 200 high authority directory services showcasing your business at one low cost.



It's vital that your SEO strategy be completely above board at all times.  And as a business owner you should be able to monitor your providers progress at any time to make sure that you're getting what you paid for.

Our initial discussion will be to categorize what search words you want to rank for (keywords), and where (geographically) you want to be focused on.  

Your ideal keywords are not the name of your business (also known as branded search).  We want to be thinking of what your ideal client is typing into Google when they're looking for what you offer, and assuming they don't know you yet.  For example if you found us through the search of SEO Barrie, that's an unbranded search.

Lets get you there

To book a free 30 minute consultation on talk to a Barrie SEO expert and learn more about what we have done for others.  

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