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Effective social media management is crucial for reaching your target audience and establishing a strong online presence. While many businesses focus on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, we almost always recommend prioritizing regular updates to Google Business Profiles for businesses.

Google Business Profile Optimization

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Unlock the Potential of Google Business Profiles: 


By keeping your Google Business Profile up-to-date with relevant information and engaging posts, you can significantly boost your local visibility and enhance your search engine rankings, making sure your business stands out to customers in Barrie, Ontario actively seeking your products or services.

Unlike traditional social media platforms, Google Business Profiles offer a direct connection to local customers in Barrie, Ontario who are actively searching for businesses like yours. Our tailored approach ensures that your business shines where it matters most - in local searches and map results in Barrie, Ontario.

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WHAt? No Facebook?

When it comes to marketing for trades businesses like plumbers and electricians in Barrie, Ontario, the conventional reliance on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram may not always be the most effective strategy. Here's why:

1. Limited Audience Engagement: Trades businesses in Barrie, Ontario often face challenges in attracting a substantial following on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Homeowners are less likely to actively follow or engage with plumbing or electrical services on social media, leading to restricted reach and impact.


2. Search Intent Misalignment: Think about the last time you needed a service for your home like an electrician. Was your first thought to search for one on Facebook?  Likely not. You googled it, and when you did find the company on Google, you checked out their reviews, and if they were dialled into online marketing, they'd have posts visible of recent jobs they've completed all around you.


3. Lack of Targeted Reach: The algorithms of Facebook and Instagram may result in content from trades businesses in Barrie getting lost in users' feeds, particularly if they do not have a significant following or engagement. This can make it challenging to effectively target the right audience.

Social Media MANAGEMENt services

For trades businesses in Barrie, focusing on local search engine optimization (SEO) and platforms like Google Business Profiles have a more direct and impactful reach than organic Facebook postings.  

While Facebook and Instagram have their roles in the marketing landscape, trades businesses in Barrie, Ontario will almost always find greater success by prioritizing strategies that resonate with their target audience's search behaviour and preferences.

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