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We turn clicks into profit by giving businesses quality local leads by profitable social media ad campaigns, and effective SEO and Bing/Google My Business profiles that get the message in front of ideal clients. 


With the time involved, and the investment needed, why should you go through the trouble of having a social media strategy or bother with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

If your business is running at full capacity to the point you can't handle new customers, and you aren't planning on expanding to take on new business - then you don't need to.  Whatever it is you're doing is working and there isn't any need to pour gas on the fire.  

However if you are actively seeking new customers you should know that in a recent Canadian study people were asked to agree or disagree with the statement that "they often referred to the internet before purchasing".


Only 17 percent of respondents said they disagreed.  This small number will only dwindle as our younger generation grows and enters the workforce.

So when a potential customer searches you, or checks you out on Facebook or LinkedIn what do you want them to see? 


  • A default business page that your friend set up for you a few years ago with two posts about a sale you were having in 2019?



  • A wall of current, relevant, and valuable information that clearly demonstrates that you are engaged, accessible, and eager to provide what they want?

  • Pages and pages of high quality posts that highlight the exceptional results you have delivered for others just like them?

  • Clear messaging on why you're the obvious choice, and a simple way for them to get in touch with your sales team to learn more?

Is This going to work 
for my business?

  • Heavy Ads Agency Facebook
  • Heavy Ads Agency LinkedIn
Online marketing Barrie
  • Heavy Ads Agency Instagram
  • Heavy Ads Agency Google My Business


In essence, you do this to showcase to potential customers that you are the clear solution to their current situation, in a way they resonate with. 

With the help of a trusted firm having this ideal result doesn't have to be a massive time investment on your part. And most companies have found that the investment they're now making is much less than the traditional (and fading) marketing efforts of print media, ad inserts,  and radio - but more effective and dynamic. 

The benefits of having a strong online presence are clear.  To have your current situation assessed book a call today For a free no-obligation 30 minute strategy session. 


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