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There are several directories and listing services that are used frequently in different ways.  There are obvious ones like Apple Maps, Google Business Profiles, and LinkedIn, but there are dozens more that by being listed on provides two significant benefits.

Car navigations systems use their own mapping software in their vehicles.  GM, VW, Ford, Mercedes Benz all manage their own directories of addresses.  By listing your business on all of these then people that use their in-car navigation systems will find you easily.

The other benefit is it increases the number of quality references to your website (backlinks) which increases your authority on every search engine.  

Online directories

Consistency is king


The challenge is submitting your site to all of these directories on your own will take weeks.  From making individual accounts, submitting the information, then returning regularly to ensure accuracy.  There is also the concern that someone can try to change your business information at a later date on one of these directories which hijacks customers trying to find you (It's easier than you think.)

Let us take the guesswork of knowing what directories to work with, and how to create accounts and submit your info.  

Make it easy for your clients to find you AND make it easy for

search engines too.

Lets get you there

To book a free 30 minute consultation on how to get your business where it needs to be, and learn more about what we have done for others.  

Wherever you are listed on the internet (such as Apple Maps, LinkedIn, or GM's OnStar) it's vital that the information is accurate and identical everywhere.

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