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PPC on Google, Social Media, and the web

Before you start running social media or Google ads for your business it's important to have a foundation in place.  This foundation is having a "flow" that makes sense for your ideal client to follow.  

Creating an ad on Facebook or LinkedIn or Google is easy.  But what you'll see out there are plenty of online marketing techniques that don't truly speak to anyone and the message isn't clear. 

Google PPC, FAcebook, Linkedin

have THE RIGHT foundation in place

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At a high level you need to understand your ideal client.  Who are they, what industry do they work in, where are they, Single/Married, what does your product do for them to create pleasure or reduce pain?  The better you can paint this picture the easier everything after will be.  Everything you're going to do after will refer back to this ideal client.

create your offer

With the ideal client in mind you can create an offer that speaks to that person.  Does this person value a a free consultation with an expert? Free Shipping or a Discount Code?  Will you send them an invite to an exclusive event? 


This needs to be an offer that your ideal client would get excited about.  This is important because if you can't dial this in, any marketing investments made will be of little value.

catch their attention

With this hot new offer dialed in.  We want to create a landing page on your website (also known as a funnel).  This simple page is going to have a tight message about the offer, and a clear direction for them to engage with you.


It summarizes that you have what they need, and here is how they buy from you.

Compare that experience with them coming to your standard homepage.  You have a great website I'm sure, but there will be lots of options that their fleeting focus will go to.  Your About Us page, Pictures of your portfolio, maybe a link to your LinkedIn profile, all of these are great things - but what we want to do is capture their attention and make it easy for them to go to the next stage of the sales cycle.

Let's Go!

Now that you have this foundation in place it's time to start running ads on the platforms your ideal client will be using.  Either a social media platform, Google's Pay Per Click, or Programmatic Display Advertising that follows them around the internet. 

Programmatic Display Advertising are the ads that follow you around based on what you search, read about and buy.  This combines the power of demographic, geographic, content and behavioral targeting with a retargeting ad group to engage new users and then serve them ads after they leave your site.

This is massive!  Targeting segments can include everything from age, gender, household income to interest in hardwood flooring installation in Simcoe County.


Our Competitive Blend puts your campaign’s best foot forward to produce results and draw in new customers who are already interested in your products or services. The dynamic ad units allow you to introduce your brand to these interested customers and retarget them with messages to take action. Each impression counts - reaching relevant potential customers. 

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